At Designer Tile Studio we stock Aqua-Seal products after finding these Cleaners and Sealers to be the most superior on the market.




All stone, tile, grout and setting materials are alkaline. So the safest way to clean stone and tile is to us ph neutral or alkaline products. Aqua-Seal STC™ make a variety of cleaners from ph neutral routine, to alkaline heavy degreases. All are designed for safe use on any stone or tile surface.



Stone and tile areas exhibit many specific problems such as efflorescence, grout residue and mineral staining. The Aqua-Seal STC™ range of Problem Solvers, is designed to solve these issues as safely and effectively as possible. There’s simply no other range of problem solvers for stone and tile as comprehensive as Aqua-Seal STC™.



Without a sealer, porous stone, tile and grout will stain almost instantly. Sealers although not impenetrable, work by providing reaction time to enable you to remove the offending contaminant. Aqua-Seal STC™ provides a range of sealers offering different reaction times against a variety of contaminants.